Spreading the love: a fan’s journey

In 2006 Henry Jenkins released Convergence Culture. It was immediately successful, going on to win awards and spawn debate across academic, industry and popular circles. In short creating the sort of  buzz most authors would die for. 

Henry Jenkins was a fan.  He attended his first Star Wars convention while still at uni. His long-term partner is part of the world of fanzines and fan criticism.  For Henry something special happens when we move from passive consumption of media content to create something new. He believed that community creation is the heart and soul of convergence culture.

Spreading the Love: A Fan’s Journey follows the story of a young Australian fan who translated her passion for a YouTube blogger into a fan fiction, gaining 4,000 readers in the process.

The podcast uses the following sources:

Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture by Henry Jenkins

Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jenkins

Confessions of an ACA-Fan – Henry Jenkins blog

Leafy on Watpad

Show Sold Separately, Promos, Spoilers and other Media Paratexts by Johnathan Gray

Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online by Crystal Abidin

YouTube permanently bans controversial creator LeafyIsHere – The Verge

The Serial Podcast and Storytelling in the Digital Age edited by Ellen McCraken

All images are owned by the author.

Published by forbesworthy

I think a lot about information, about how it flows and swirls around us, about how we try to capture it, control it, how we neglect it, forget about, recycle it and most of all, about how we use it.

2 thoughts on “Spreading the love: a fan’s journey

  1. Dear Forbesworthy!
    Fascinating to come across your blog and to see how your interest and enthusiasm has flown over the years! It’s a long time now since we were struggling through disposal schedules at NSW Parks where we all learned so much from each other, and great to see your career on the rise!

    Anxiety and information and data – they’re all related, aren’t they!!!

    best regards


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