Dating with Charlie

Despite their popularity, online dating apps have long received a bad wrap. The New York Times describing Tinder in 2015 as a dating and marriage apocalypse.

In fact, online dating apps have become increasingly popular in Australia over the past five years. 18-24 year olds have led the way, normalising the use of online dating apps for all Australians. High profile love stories such as that of the recent US Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg who met his husband and true love through Hinge, have fed our appetite.

Online communities continue to be perceived as commodified, shallow and not quite as “authentic” as the real world we inhabit despite the fact most Australians communicate, keep up with family and friends, protest against political and social decisions and give to the community during disasters using online communities.

So what about online dating apps? Are they getting a bad wrap? Are they really transactional and responsible for the rise of hook-ups and new phenomena such as ghosting and catfishing? Does online dating give participants more choice and more control over an important aspect of their life? Most importantly, does it help them find true love?

As part of our uni assignment, we decided to take a satirical look at online dating sites to explore what happens when a three eyed, three armed monster called Charlie goes dating. I hope you will join us to share his journey.

Published by forbesworthy

I think a lot about information, about how it flows and swirls around us, about how we try to capture it, control it, how we neglect it, forget about, recycle it and most of all, about how we use it.

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