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I have worked with information since I left uni in my 20s. How people interact with information fascinates me. Information is like a little part of themselves which they leave behind but never truly forget.

When I first left uni, I found a practicum opportunity working to connect Indigenous Australians with their stories in government records. This made me aware of how powerful information can be.  I learnt from Loris Williams that the intermediary delivering the information can often be as important as the content itself.

Much time has passed since then but I still think a lot about the intersection between openness and transparency and the need for privacy. How we long to explore, rejoice and be awe inspired by the dazzling array of information objects on display but at the same time fear giving away too much of ourselves.

Everyone I know is talking about data!  There are so many topics for my blog. I have lots of dinner table editors at home who love to talk about privacy and the internet. You will find some of their thoughts in this blog. Please comment and contribute to my blog. I would love to hear from you.


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