An unfortunate tractor accident and the death of the digital record

For Darryl McGuire deleting digital information turned out to be no mean feat.  A recent ICAC inquiry heard the former Member for Wagga Wagga rolled a tractor over his iPad and iPhones when notified of the inquiry. Somewhat predictably, Darryl’s actions fuelled a number of twitter jokes and memes of the yet another country MPContinue reading “An unfortunate tractor accident and the death of the digital record”

Netflix goes head to head with Digital Frankenstein

The Netflix docudrama “The Social Dilemma” is worth a watch.  Centred around interviews with former executives of social media companies, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google, it has been criticised for using a fictional all-American family and personified algorithm to dramatize its central narrative. Despite criticism, it has been well-received, staying in Netflix’s top 10Continue reading “Netflix goes head to head with Digital Frankenstein”

Unpacking our anxiety

I once had a job where the basement flooded.  As we crept down the stairs with flashlights, cold water creeping up to our calves, pieces of paper floated past us sticking as they went. Peering down we could see certificates of title. Each document protecting someone’s ownership of their home and property. We forget thatContinue reading “Unpacking our anxiety”

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